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Paris airport

The first place that comes to your mind when you are planning to visit Paris for the first time is the Eiffel Tower, one of the wonders of the world.



If you are eagerly waiting to land in Paris and the first thing you wish to visit straight is the Eiffel tower but wondering how to reach it in a short time means, then this article is for you.  


Let me tell you that there are three different airports in Paris, and no matter at which airport you are going to board, we will guide you to reach the Eiffel Tower at precise timing safely. The French capital is sophisticated with different means of transports, but the fastest and most convenient mode is a taxi service. 


We recommend you TJ PrestigeTransfer, a highly professional and reputed taxi service in Paris, and we will also elaborate on why to choose this particular taxi service among the others. First, let's talk about the different airports present in Paris and how to transfer from the airport to the Eiffel Tower. 


Where is the Eiffel Tower?


You can find the Eiffel Tower in Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France. Well, I have copypasted the exact address in here.


Many people have the Eiffel Tower on their bucket list. Let's get few details on how the Eiffel Tower looks like. 


300 meters high, around 1700 steps, 7300 tons of steel construction, 10,000 tons of total weight; this is how the Eiffel Tower presents itself in numbers.


You can visit the Eiffel Tower via various platforms that are at different heights. So every visitor can freely decide how high she/he wants to move on the tower. So a look at Paris is also possible if you don't want to go to the highest level. Well, this is a piece of information which we wanted to give about the Eiffel Tower. 


Now coming to the topic, there are three different airports in Paris. 


They are :


How to Goto Eiffel Tower From Charles de Gaulle Airport?


Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport is also known as Roissy airport, so don't get confused when it is called the other way. This is the largest international airport in France and also one of the busiest ones. Mostly, tourists visiting Paris would board in here. The Charles de Gaulle airport is situated at a distance of 42 km from the Eiffel tower.


If you are going to take a bus, well and good, you can take the Roissy bus, which is a comfortable coach that lands directly in the Eiffel Tower. Though this is an affordable option, the journey takes around 1hr and adding to this; you need to handle your luggage yourself.


The next transport option available is the train. Here, the train journey takes around 1 hour and a short walk from the station to the Eiffel Tower. So it takes around 120 minutes to reach the Eiffel tower via train. 


The most convenient way to reach the Eiffel tower is to take a taxi. It takes only 40 mins to reach your destination and is also affordable. So to save your precious time, we recommend you to take a taxi in Paris airport to reach the Eiffel Tower.


How to get from Orly airport to the Eiffel tower?


If you are landing in the Orly airport, then consider yourself lucky because this airport lies closer to the heart of Paris which means, it is 21.3 km, i.e., closer to the Eiffel tower.


Here also, you get three different transport options like bus, train and taxi. Now let's help you choose the best mode.


The highly recommended mode of transport is a taxi service. This option is recommended for the comfort it offers for you, and you can reach the Eiffel Tower in about 30 minutes. 


There are two trains that regularly run between Orly airport and the Eiffel tower and the ticket costs €12.10 but again calculating the time, it is a bit high. Taking the bus is another budget option, and still, it takes around 45 minutes to reach the destination. 


How to get from Paris Beauvais airport to Eiffel tower


Eh. The Eiffel tower lies 90 km from Paris Beauvais, which is way too far when compared to the other two airports that are located in Paris. Anyways, coming to the transport modes, there is no direct train available to reach the Eiffel Tower from here. 


But still, you can take a bus, airport shuttle or a taxi. The taxi service though a bit expensive, it is highly suggested for a more comfortable journey. This is a quicker and less crowded means of transport.


Why do we recommend a taxi service?


Basically, we value your time and money. The time you spend visiting the Eiffel Tower must not be wasted in traffic jams or slow transport means which is why we recommend you to take a taxi service. The professional and reputed taxi service that can be found in and around Paris is the TJPrestigeTransfer service. This taxi service is both convenient and charges standard rates. The moment you book a taxi, the taxi drivers who are both French and English speaking will be there to make you feel comfortable throughout your journey. There are more facilities that this cab service offers, which you can check out here. (home page link) 


Final words


So we have talked about the three different airports from where you can reach the Eiffel Tower. Hope this article gives you more clarity on how to reach the Eiffel Tower from Paris airport.

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