How To Get From Orly airport to Eiffel tower @ 29 Apr 2021

How To Get From Orly airport to Eiffel towerAt times, you might find the internet an overwhelming place with a lot of information, which makes it difficult for you to find the reliable one. Especially when you are searching for details regarding traveling to a foreign country, you would really need correct information so that you can plan your trip well. 




So are you interested in traveling to one of the most beautiful wonders of the world? Yes, I did mean the Eiffel tower from Orly airport? Then we highly recommend you to read this article so that you get detailed, reliable information on how to get from Orly airport to Eiffel tower.  


The Eiffel Tower is a symbol of France and its capital. Made of forged steel, this tower was designed by Fréderic Auguste Bartholdi and Gustave Eiffel, honoring the centenary of the French Revolution, and therefore, it is and will always be a reminder of the French struggle and victory. And the pride of having achieved their deserved freedom. This work of art is admired every day by thousands of tourists from all over the world.


Paris is well-connected by different means of transport and the three main transport recommended are By Taxi, Bus, and Train. Now let’s see where the Orly airport is located and how you can reach the Eiffel tower easily through different transfer modes. 

Where Is The Orly Airport?


Paris has two big airports, Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Orly Airport. If you travel to Paris from France or any European countries or further abroad, you get landed in Orly airport. This Orly airport is located 17.4 km from Paris.  


When you first land at Orly airport, obviously you will not be aware of the  directions or locations to reach the Eiffel Tower. Also, you will be tired after a long flight. So you might want to sit and relax and travel to your desired destination. This is where the taxi service comes into the picture which you can easily take advantage of. Yes, hire a local taxi service such as TJPrestigeTransfer and travel to the Eiffel Tower hassle-free. 

Why Do You Need To Hire a Car Service in Paris?


Now that we have mentioned that you can hire a car service in Paris to get from Orly Airport to Eiffel Tower, you might have got the question “Why”. Let me answer it. 


Though there are different modes of transport modes available, the ideal and most convenient mode is taking a taxi. This is because you can reach the Eiffel Tower in a matter of 20 mins. Reaching this place by train or bus might take up to 45mins. So considering the time taken, and the convenience factor, hiring a taxi is highly recommended. 

How To Get From Orly Airport To Eiffel Tower By Taxi?


I hope you understood the weightage of hiring a taxi. Now coming to the next question, how to get from Orly airport to Eiffel Tower by Taxi. Here we recommend TJPrestigeTransfer which is a professional taxi service in Paris. Thye have a fleet of modern, luxury vehicles that can guarantee you a comfortable ride while traveling. The language must not be a hindrance while traveling in Paris, which is why we have drivers who are bilingual, that is they can speak both English and French. 


Suppose you have priorly booked the taxi service here, the minute you arrive at the airport exit. In that case, you will be accompanied and guided by friendly and polite drivers who will take care of everything from handling your luggage to helping you safely reach your destination. 


Other Orly airport to Eiffel tower Transfer modes


As promised, I would discuss all the modes of transport from Orly airport to Eiffel Tower. Now, I will mention how to reach the Eiffel tower from Orly airport using train and bus.


How To Get from Orly Airport to Eiffel Tower By Bus?


Taking a bus is fairly fast and a cheap option too. Board a line 1 bus with LeBus Direct that bus will directly land you at Trocadero. Once landed here, you need to walk a little to reach the Eiffel Tower. But it may take up to 45 minutes to reach the Eiffel Tower from Orly airport via bus and you need to handle your luggage while you get on the bus.


How To Get from Orly Airport to Eiffel Tower By Train?


Taking a train is the third and final option and this one is also the slowest option. It takes around 1 hr to reach Eiffel tower from Orly airport if you take a train, which is why we recommend you to keep this as the last option. You will have to walk for 10mins from the station to reach the Eiffel Tower. Though the ticket price is cheap, it is not highly convenient.


That’s a wrap now. If you had read this article completely, you might now be aware of the different modes of transport modes available to help you reach from Orly airport to Eiffel Tower. 


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