How To Get From Paris To Versailles? @ 09 Apr 2021

Versailles Palace

Let me assume that time has come for you to put a tick on your bucket list to travel to Versailles & visit the historical monument & one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites, Versailles Palace.


Well, you have stumbled down on the right page if you are looking for a guide on how to get Paris to Versailles.


The first thing most travelers list down while planning for a trip is about the transport; that being said, kudos to you for taking a step to learn about the different modes of transport to get to Versailles once you land in Paris.


Paris is well-connected by all modes of transport, but if you love the privacy and want to travel with utmost comfort on a budget, then choosing a taxi service is the best to get from Paris to Versailles.

Where is Versailles?

Versailles is located at a distance of 20km from Paris. Tourists can reach this place by bus, train, car, or taxi. 


The Château de Versailles, the main attraction of Versailles, is designed to dazzle. Trust me; this is one of the best & must-visit places in Paris. This is a 17th-century castle that was the residence of the last king and Queen of France. 


Did you know that this place was just a hunting accommodation? Yes, it was until King Louis XIV decided to build a luxurious palace here. After the French revolution, this palace was turned into a museum, and till now, this is one of the most attractive tourist places in Paris. 


The most notable fact here is that the treaty that ended world war one was signed here. Other places to visit here are the Gardens of Versailles, Grand Trianon, Versailles Cathedral; these places are located in and around the palace. 


How To Get From Paris To Versailles By Taxi?

Though Versailles can be reached in a matter of 20 mins from Paris, the traffic jam won't let that happen. Using public transport may delay your journey to some added extent. If you are expecting one good tip to reach this place to avoid the traffic commotion is try to take a taxi service and head to Versailles early in the morning. 


So If you are traveling in groups from Paris to Versailles, getting a taxi service can be more convenient, and here we want to recommend TJPrestigetransfer, which gives you reliable service at an affordable option.



Why is TJ Prestige Transfer suggested for taxi service?

We understand that after a tiring plane journey, you might want to enjoy your trip to Versailles without any tension, and this is why it is essential to get taxi service. You can sit back and relax while the taxi drivers handle your luggage. 


The number one problem which a foreigner gets when landed in France is communication. Since most people speak the french language, it might seem hard to communicate. 


Here TJPrestigetransfer has eliminated this problem by hiring drivers who are fluent in both French and English. So if you have any doubts, get them cleared from our drivers, they will assist you in a polite and friendly manner. This transfer service doesn't keep any hidden charges, no extra charges for luggage, and you will also get complimentary wait time. If you have booked online priorly, you can cancel it 1 hour before the journey starts. This is why we recommend you to book a taxi from TJPrestigetransfer and save your time and money.



Other Paris to Versailles Transfer modes

As already mentioned, Paris is very well connected with different means of transport. In that, the most convenient mode is the taxi service. Now let's talk about how you can reach Versailles other than taking a taxi. 


How To Goto from Paris to Versaille By Train?

Taking a train is both the cheapest and easily accessible option to get to Versaille from Paris. You need to take the RER regional train, which leaves the central locations of Paris. Since they are integrated into the metro network, they are easily accessible from any main location. It may take up to 40 minutes and an extra 10 mins walk to reach the palace. Mostly these trains are crowded and may not be a pleasant journey always.


How To Goto from Paris to Versaille By Bus?


This is also a low-cost option, and the journey via bus takes up to 30mins if there is no traffic. Otherwise, it may take 40 minutes overall and a 5 min walk to reach the palace entrance. Buses are available throughout the day, so you can get a bus every 8 to 10 mins. But again, they are crowded like trains.


Well, that's a wrap now. Versailles is one of the largest tourist attractions in Paris, which means it will be much crowded. You need at least one day to visit everything in Versailles. If you are planning to visit Paris for a very short time, it is recommended to postpone your trip to this one amazing place. Also, skip standing in lines by buying tickets online if possible and save time. 


Well, that's a wrap now. I hope this guide on how to get from Paris to Versailles gave you a clear idea about the transport facilities and the importance of choosing a taxi service over the means of transport options. If you want to enquire more about TJPrestigeTransfer, comment your queries below. Share this blog with your buddies who are planning a trip to Versailles. Cheers!

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